Articles and other published material


Below is a list of books and articles which mention our activities. 
The articles are written by us and the last four are concerned with anagamas. Most of the material appearing on the web site
SideStoke was written by Arthur Rosser.

At right: anagama chimney after heavy stoking

Image of
                  anagama chimney


The Eungella Pottery                Pottery in Australia magazine May-June   1980          Republished online here
"We built the pottery across a creek from the small and decrepit farmhouse, next to the collapsed dairy."

Growing Trees for Woodfiring   Pottery in Australia                          Aug 1989        
Republished online here (external link)
"Only brutishly insensitive woodfirers have never asked themselves 'Is woodfiring contributing to global pollution? Does my use of wood encourage the destruction of trees? Do these pots justify the burning of all this wood?'
Continuity and Change               Pottery in Australia           Vol 33 No 4   1994           
Republished online here
"....the stands of gums that we planted 17 years ago have turned degraded hilly pasture into an impressive forest, and the tree ferns we planted around the house are higher than the house itself."
Tropical Anagama                     Ceramics Art and Perception magazine issue 18 1994    
Republished online here (external link)
"The large amount of glass, not present in previous firings, is a worry. The melaleuca is going to provide copious fluid ash glaze.  Should we shorten the firing?  Somehow we cannot persuade ourselves that less can be better and decide to stay with the 90 hour target."
Double or Nothing                     Ceramics Technical  magazine    issue 4    1997           
Republished online here (external link)
"Splitting the kiln encourages experimentation, since not all of the pots need be at risk. If good results are obtained with a particular wood, the sensible thing is to stick with that wood, and explore its possibilities before looking further. With the split kiln you can do this on one side, and try a variety of wood types on the other."
Degrees of Intimacy                    Pottery in Australia          Vol 37 No 4   1998                
Republished online here
"In optimistic moments I like to think that in a world where perfection of finish is commonplace, the textures of long wood fired pieces will be in demand as an antidote for the smooth blandness so easily produced industrially.
Split Decision        
                         The Log Book                 Issue 3      August 2000      
Republished online here (external link)
"The wall's demise was hastened by the fact that it had only one influential friend in the management team: I liked it, but Carol felt it was an offence against the natural order."
The Extra Mile                                 
The Log Book               Issue 71     2017                 
Republished online here (external link)
"The best results always have an element of serendipity, but serendipity, experience and rat cunning are fellow travelers."

Other published material see the books

Wood-fired Ceramics: Contemporary Practices by Coll Minogue and Robert Sanderson

Salt-glaze Ceramics   by Janet Mansfield

Wood-fired Stoneware and Porcelain    by Jack Troy

Ash Glazes by Phil Rogers

Salt Glazing by Phil Rogers

For details of exhibition reviews and published photographs of work or complete CV's (if you like that sort of thing) , or any other information about us or our pots , please get in touch.